Software Development

Your business model provides you with a competitive advantage. Smart investments in software can help you capitalize and automate your model. Software should be purchased as a tool to automate and improve your business productivity and profits. Often we see companies invest in ill-advised but popular software tools that actually hurt their business.

Xforty can you provide you with a full ROI analysis to insure your investments provide a maximum return!

There are four types of software investments companies make today:

  •     Off the shelf software - initial license fee and annual maintenance
  •     Software as a Service - monthly fee with annual contract
  •     Open source software - ongoing maintenance cost
  •     Custom software - initial development cost and ongoing maintenance cost

All four can be legitimate and profitable investments, but only custom software can provide you with a competitive advantage. Due to the initially high cost of custom development, xforty normally recommends a hybrid approach of using any of the first three software investments along with custom integration to extend the features and functionality to fit your business.