Content Management Systems

xforty technologies knows the importance of web content to your businesses. Having immediate access to edit and publish your content is a must in today's web enabled world. 
We leverage Drupal core which is extremely customizable, highly secure and free of licensing costs. Enterprise Drupal implementations are being used for sites such as The White House, Turner Broadcasting and one of the most trafficed sites in the world recently annouced a move to Drupal. Drupal is also used at over 35% of all higher education institutions.
Content management systems, such as Drupal give anyone in your organization the ability to:
  • Edit, update and publish content on your website without touching the code.
  • Manage text, graphics, photos, video and audio.
  • Step back to a previous version of a page using version control.
  • Set granular permissions for all levels of users.
  • Integrate with other sites such as social media.
  • Create new pages as needed while maintaining a standard look and feel.
xforty technologies had extensive experience with Drupal, but we also work with Wordpress as well as extending and integrating learning management systems such as the open source LMS platform edX.