Agilence & xforty technologies partner to provide complete solutions


Agilence’s Retail 20/20 loss prevention solution needed better reporting and case tracking to help build cases. Their current solution allowed for case tracking, but did not give the freedom of adding updates and notes as the case developed. It also did not allow for consolidated consistent reporting.

Xforty met with the Agilence team to review their current system, and did research on potential open source tools that would fit their needs. As existing tools were not found, the xforty team demonstrated their skills in Ruby (Rails) and developed a web based case mangement application. Upon the completion of development, the work continued with BI and developing dashboards utilizing the data now available. Xforty built up the relationship and continued to provide IT governance and infrastructure for Agilence.

Upon completetion, Agilence's Retial 20/20 has the ability to offer the new functionality as part of their solution suite. It provides an easy to use method for creating new cases, adding new incidents to those cases and the ability to view the cases and their details via a secure web browser. The system also supports automated notification for users as new cases are added or updates made.

The dashboard provides easy access to data, allowing customers to perform analyses on issues that require more attention and provide better tracking of issues over time. Access is permission-based to ensure the data is secure and users are only seeing data pertinent to them. With this solution in place, Agilence is able to offer their customers a 6 to 1 return on investment within the first year.